Software Issues

From the IFI downloads page, I downloaded the IFI loader, VEX default firmware (the regular edition, not VEXnet), and the prolific USB driver. However, I am unsure of what to do next. The firmware from the IFI page is different from the firmware in the robotC IDE. I am not sure which one to load, as I am NOT using VEXnet, and the last time I used default firmware from robotC, it loaded the VEXnet version and my robot didn’t work. Thanks!

If you Download the “VEXnet” version of firmware on RobotC your robot should work weather you are using VEXnet, crystals or tethered.
REMEMBER to download the Master code first, and then the firmware.

An errant teammate of mine installed the firmware in the wrong order. Can I override this by simply installing the latest Master code and then the firmware again? Also, do I download the robotC master code and the robotC firmware or the robotC master code and the separate “default” firmware provided on the IFI downloads page? Thank you.

If you believe your micro controller to be corrupt, then you can download the IFI loader first, then the robotc master code and lastly the robotc firmware.