Software Manual to help learn the motor and sensor functions

Hello, I am new to the Vex robotics and have just installed the software and built the Clawbot. I am looking for a document to help me learn the functions calls for the motors, sensors, etc. I am using the text only version to program the brain, no the graphical version.

If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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Firstly, r u using VexCode, PROS, or Vex Coding Studio? Use VexCode or PROS, they have more functionality VCS. At its core, v5 is coded like a C based language, so even a C++ online tutorial would be able to teach you a lot about syntax and function calls (it helped me a lot to use online tutorials). Other than that, motor and sensor code can be learned from programs released by the teams in the community. The best way IMO to learn is honestly just through the forum. This is basically how I learned to code, however I’m not really amazing. I’m hoping that I can learn something from this thread as well.

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Which software did you download? Like @64540A , i also recomend VexCode and pros.

Try learning cpp with somthing like edX. Edx is free and the explinations are really clear.

Hello, I am using ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.X to program the Cortex Brain. I am familiar with the C/C++ programming language. I’m looking for a software manual or documentation that will cover how to control the motors/sensors. Sounds like there is no such doc.

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This might help

Well, yeah, C++ is C based.


Hello, and thank for the web link. That will answer all my questions.


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This will probably also be helpful:

Though, unfortunately, there is no truly comprehensive body of documentation for ROBOTC.

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But there are however many online tutorials which you refer to.

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