Solar-battery charger

Wouldnt it be nice if vex created a solar powered charger so u could run a vex on solar power and it keep ur robot charged when ur in any light :cool:
plz send replys:D

you need to realize just how large the solar panels would be to provide the amount of power needed to run a vex device. I am guessing somewhere in the area of 3x4 feet at a minimum. This is somewhat excessive size for most bots. You would also need full sunlight to do this. Also, it would be great for people to learn how to spell words like “you’re”, “your”, and “you”.


Ray Moore

Get Moose and Squirrel!

i like shortening words then ppl r ezily confzed

YA it mkes no snse to keep wrds relly long.

Nah I’m kidding, it does help to have some recognization of words.

Sorry, been discussed before.

I measured a squarebot on battery and it looks like it needs about 300mA to move around slowly. That is a little over 2 watts of power. So I think a 12" solar panel should be big enough to drive a Vex bot, if one budgets the power properly.

So today I set out to build a solar powered Vex robot. I had a couple of solar panels that I bought for a project a few years back. They are about 12" square and are rated 24v at 150mA (3.6Watts). I used a switching regulator to lower the voltage to seven volts and boost the current. The results were dissapointing. I guess my switching regulator was not as efficient as I had hoped, because I couldn’t get enough current to drive the motors without starving the processor.

I may try again if I run across an efficient switching regulator or a 6-9 volt solar panel of the appropriate size.