Solenoid Driver

Is your solenoid driver just a line level converter, to directly power the solenoids? Can I use one of the VEX I/Os with a “spike” (or similar) to power a standard solenoid? How much power can be drawn off of the VEX I/Os and PWMs to power various devices without putting them on their own circuit?

The Microchip Processor can not drive a solenoid directly because of current limits. The Analog / Digital signal, to the Solenoid Driver, is limited to about 3 - 4 mA by the Vex Controller. The Processor only controls the circuit on the Solenoid Driver. The Solenoid Driver is supplied power and ground from the Analog / Digital connector which drives the solenoid. Yes, you can use a Spike to power a solenoid which meets and does not exceed Spike specifications. All +5 Volts leaving the Vex Controller is limited to about 1 Amp.