Solenoid leak on R hole

so we have a leak on one of our solenoids and we have pinpointed to the opening below (R)
our tubing is connected to the middle one (P) and going out on the other side on both (A & B).
does any one know how i can fix this or is it just done for?

That hole is one of the exhaust holes. Does it continue to leak after you power up your system, pressurize it, and cycle the solenoid valve? Sometimes the spool valve in the solenoid is not shifted fully one way or the other when you first turn on a system.

yea it keeps leaking after i turn it on and cycle through it.

I have had this issues before and sadly the best solution for us was to swap it out. I did have one that magically fixed its self after some time


try plugging the release port where it’s leaking from and pumping into the input port of the solenoid, that should help get it unstuck from the intermediate state if that’s your issue

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I’ve had this happen, and pressurizing it as quickly as you can seems to make it pop back to how it’s supposed to be. But you have to pump it really fast, faster than the air is leaking out, which can be difficult. I’ve had good success with a bicycle pump for this, since they’re often faster than an air compressor. not sure if plugging the exhaust would work while pressurizing it, haven’t tried that.


smh not having an air compressor that has a tank attached.

But a better? way to make this work could be to just attach a filled air reservoir and use a valve.


i have a valve that toggles the air into my system. when i run into this issue i switch it off and fill to ~40psi, when letting air back in the leak is fixed.

Are the screws holding the solenoid together getting loose? If you grab it by the top and bottom and it wiggles, try tightening the tiny screws holding it together.

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