Solenoid (or potentially other part) is not correctly firing piston

On our robot, the solenoid is not changing output and firing our double-acting piston, except for when I manually press the blue button on it. When I press that button, everything works like I would expect it to. Normally I would think that this would be a code problem, but I can see that when I press the button I’ve programmed to control the solenoid the light on the solenoid does change. Just in case, I’ve attached the code to the bottom. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I’ve been working on this for hours, and any help would really be appreciated.

make sure the 3wire cable is plugged in all the way, and has correct orientation.
test the solenoid using the devices screen (set as digital out high then low and make sure it changes).
try another 3wire port if that doesn’t work.


In the devices screen it does change, and I’ve tried both Port A and Port H. Like I wrote above, I can see the light on the solenoid change when I press the button, so I think it is correctly communicating with it.

ok, I missed that part.
does the solenoid click ? everything pressurized (I assume air connections are correct) ? broken solenoid perhaps, try another one.


Everything is pressurized and since it works when I click the button on the solenoid manually, I think I have all air connections correct. I can’t hear anything click in the solenoid, should I? I might just try to use a new one, but I won’t have access to my school’s workshop until Monday and since states is coming up I was going to try to finish the robot over the weekend. Maybe I’ll open up the solenoid and see if I see anything inside is wrong that I can fix.