Solenoids Leaking

Hi everyone,
We have a pneumatic claw and we went to test it today and we noticed that air is leaking from the solenoid. We made sure that the tubing was cut fairly precisely and we also made sure the fittings are on correctly. This has happened once before and it seems to fix itself.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, do you have any suggestions for stopping it altogether.


Could you place the tubing under water, to see if there are any bubbles appearing?

The fittings need to be tightened down more than fingertight. Use something soft like antislip mat, wrap it over the fittings and using pliers torque down the fitting an extra 1/16 or 1/12 turn, no more. You can damage the fitting if overtightened.

Second what Stanley said above.

And don’t recommend testing an electronic solenoid by submersing it.

I believe that most of the VEX supplied fittings have a Allen key spot inside where you put the tubing that you can tighten it down with.