SolidWorks and Vex

Please advise before I purchase seats for SolidWorks.

Creates 3D models with Vex materials?

Easy to download and install Vex materials into SolidWorks?

Creates useful 3D models for competition teams?

Is worth the seat price per year?

Best Vender to purchase Educational seats of solidworks?



My advise is dont! :slight_smile:

Buy Autodesk Inventor you will get more support here and you can enter the on line competitions using it.
My experience, as a power user of both, is that Autodesk Inventor needs a lower spec machine to get better results

Which Inventor version should we purchase? Thanks for the help.


It all depends on what type of CPU you are running. Inventor Professional uses a lot more RAM and memory than the 2013 version. There are several Full CAD Library’s for the 2012 version of Inventor and 24C is working on a 2014 Library with a 2013 beta library released.

You can always get Education Versions for free off the Autodesk site

If your buying them for students that’s all that you need. Though i do not know what you get in the purchasable version of Inventor