Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor

I was wondering how many of you use design software?

Honestly I would if they were simple to use and cheap and easy.

You can easily obtain the software for a cheap price. AutoCAD, Solidworks, and Inventor sell for around $5,000 dollars, but you can obtain a student version for 80 bucks. I currently have AutoCAD and Solidworks. I bought Solidworks Student Edition for $140 bucks including COSMOS software but without it you can buy it for $80 bucks. Inventor costs $180 bucks for the student edition, and I don’t think AUTOCAD has a student edition. If you need help buying one of these I could give you some links.

I have Autodesk Inventor 10, since they gave it to every FRC team last year.

Did they really give it to every FRC team last year? Either our captains and mentor failed to let everyone know or we didn’t get it.

The MLCAD solution from Hobbyvex is free…

I have Inventor 11. It is useful it mapping out where to put everything. And making sure you have enough parts BEFORE you cut metal or even start any small project!