SolidWorks CAD Library?

Is there a VEX SolidWorks CAD library? I am going to be getting SolidWorks VERY soon, and was wondering if there was a free library out there.


Solidworks can open the STEP files found here. As far as I have seen there is not an organized Solidworks part library though. You should make your own then release it on the forum!

Here is a site that has some info on solidworks. Not sure if it is applied to Vex put it came up in the search ‘vex solidworks cad library’. I think I may take a look around the site because it looks like it is for all CAD programs, not just Solidworks.

Andrew Remmers from Aperture has nicely uploaded the VEX CAD library into one .zip file.

It looks completely updated except for mecanum wheels

That one is formatted for Autodesk Inventor 2012 I haven’t been able to test it in Solidworks since I don’t have a copy, however if it does more power to ya’

  • Andrew

P.S. Look out for an update soon

I just downloaded it and Solidworks says it is an unsupported inventor format. .ipt files

I will try that and see if it will work as soon as I get SolidWorks.

I will probably get it before Christmas.

Thanks guys!

Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks use different file types, so the Inventor parts libraries will probably never work with Solidworks.

Understood. I was just wondering if anyone have created a CAD library compatible with Solidworks.

If your version of solidworks can load .step files, which it should be able to, then you don’t need a solidworks-specific library. You can just use the vex one, which Drbayer linked to here.

The reason you would want a library is just so that the parts will be better organised and, if you’re lucky, coloured. It also saves you a bit of time because the first time you use a .step part it has to be converted to a .sldprt part. As far as I know no solidworks library exists yet.

EDIT: My version of Solidworks (2011 student version) can load inventor files (I haven’t tried it, but they’re listed as a possible file type). So you may be able to use one of the inventor libraries after all.

OK, thanks for all your help.

I will try to mess around with it ASAP.

Thanks for all your help :smiley:

I have a pretty good SolidWorks 2011 Parts Library that I have been building and expanding for a while now. I can post it pretty soon.

What would be the best way to post it? A zipped file?

I would definitely appreciate that - yes, a zipped file seems like probably the easiest way.

I am trying my best to upload it as soon as possible. I have heaps of homework and left my flash drive at school today so I will upload it tomorrow. :smiley: