Solidworks Student Design Kit Vista Compatability

I recently got the Vex Starter Kit which came with the Solidworks Student Design Kit 2007 CAD software. I wanted to install it on my computer for obvious reasons, but when I did the installer told me that my operating system was incompatible with the program. This happened to me twice.

I have Windows Vista 32-bit on all of my computers and the system requirements do say that I need Windows XP for this program. However, this is the first program that I have ever seen that, while requiring XP, rejected Vista during installation. All of my other XP programs have worked just fine on Windows Vista.

I was wondering if there was a version of this program that is compatible for Windows Vista.

Thanks in advance to all those who reply.

i believe that it is, try running it as an admin (right-click->run as administrator) and run it in compatibility mode (right click->properties->compatibility)

I’ve tried both running it in compatibility mode and running it as administrator, but I’ve discovered that, for no obvious reason, I can only read the disc once or twice before my computer just stops loading up the installer. To load it up again I have to restart my computer…

Any other ideas?:confused:

go into my computer, click on the disk drive and look for a .exe file
it might be the installer file, you should really be talking with Solidworks about this, they can give professional advice

I’m also trying to install the SolidWorks 2007 Student Design Kit onto Vista and hitting the same error. Anybody else gotten this to work?

I also see the DVD being ignored after a failed install, but I think that is because Vista thinks the autorun script is still going. If I wait a bit it allows me to try (and fail) again.

I’ll try the SolidWorks support site next, but it looks like you have to create an account to just browse around…


  • Dean

Ahh, the wonders of Vista… :rolleyes:

Try disabling UAC and autorun. Then insert the disc, browser to that drive, and then launch Setup.exe or autorun manually. If that still doesn’t work, start disabling all kinds of stuff in Vista from the Sidebar to Aero save system resources if the “Windows Experience” thing isn’t that high. Also, some Firewalls may screw with autorun/Setup scrips, so you may have to disable those or allow an exception in those to.

I’ve gotten SolidWorks 2007 Student Edition (on Vista) working fine on two different computers (although ironically both Vista and SolidWorks run best on my iMac…).

Or if all else fails, “upgrade” to XP Pro. :wink:

No luck. I’ve tried as much as I can think of, but I keep getting the following error:

I’ve gone through and set every executable to run as admin in XPSP2 compatibility mode, but always the same error.

The SolidWorks support site is not much help either. Oh well, the license expires at the end of November anyway, so it would have only worked for the next three months…

  • Dean

Yeah I got SolidWorks with VEXplorer, and it does not work with Vista. Not one bit. Sorry…

Do I get the CAD software SolidWorks if I order a Classroom Kit?
I’m thinking of asking my teacher to let me borrow the software for installation


I danced this dance. The version of SolidWorks that comes with the Vexplorer does NOT run on Vista. It’s likely the reason my Grant Imahara entry placed 3rd isntead of 2nd or 1st.