Solidworks Tutorials?

Hey guys this year my team has been working on 3d CAD SolidWorks to design our robot. We are basically new to this program. We know how to do simple stuff like add parts to an assembly and mate parts together but we are looking for more advanced tutorials.
We want to learn how to line up holes exactly, string chain around sprockets, make animations, and put all the necessary wheels / spacers / sprockets onto a square bar correctly.
Please post if you have tutorials or if you know a good website that has user friendly tutorials.
Thank you.

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I suppose these tutorials focus more around FRC, but I believe they’re fairly helpful.

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Ok thank you very much!

I will go through these tutorials and I am sure that I will benefit from them even though I am competing in VRC and I am using the metal and whatnot from that.

If anyone else has any other sites or tutorials they use it would be greatly appreciated if you could share :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how to string chain in solidworks? I am having trouble.

I really need some good tutorials for VRC

So far I saw some tutorials good for FRC but that isnt really helping me.

I have always found it more convenient to put chain into my models at the very end and only for rendering purposes. This is mainly because chain can take up a good amount of computer resources and it is not imperative to have in the model. That being said, it is possible and fairly easy. To help get you started i uploaded a rather crude tutorial which i hope will be of some value.

A few other suggestions:
It may seem like a pain, but make sure to include screws and correctly sized spacers. This will help to prevent tons of spacing issues when actually building.

Bearings can be hard to mate and the program may tell you they are over defined at some points. This is because some of the faces are actually angled slightly so be warned, and if you need more help with this please ask.

If you are in need of a full parts library for Solidworks which includes textures for the materials please send me a PM. This library may be of particular use because the errors you receive when importing some the parts are removed and helpful geometry has been added to the axles (which makes it easier to mate with bearings).

After all your hard work, Render! Then enjoy the nice results :slight_smile:
Really Basic Chaining Tutorial .pdf (762 KB)

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Thank you very very much for posting this! This will help me big.

As for the parts that you said you had. Do you have the entire library? Would you be able to send me that somehow so I could get those onto my flashdrive?

You have been a BIG help so far. Hopefully I see you at a tournament this season so i can talk to you about CAD stuff. Anyways thanks a lot.

If you need any more help please send me a PM. I intend to be at Pan Pacific in Hawaii, Bellarmine in California and with any luck World Championhips :slight_smile:

As for the parts, I have the entire library (for the most part I have everything one would need). The parts are all textured fairly well but you might feel the need to adjust something from time to time. I also have the field and game pieces from 2010 to present which might be useful for a presentation rendering or robot unveiling, and these are also textured. I will PM you with a link to download them. Good luck with the CAD!

Thank you sooo much for all the help! I might have to ask you for a couple more tutorials sooner or later. I am fairly new to CAD.

Anyways thanks for everything! And I will probably be posting a Teaser once I get this done and presentable.

I will talk to my director to see if we are or will be able to attend that tournament in Bellarmine. My team is from Murrieta. It is close to Lake Elsinore and Temecula.

Please ask whenever you need a hand I am happy to share what I know.

I know it’s about an 8 hour drive up to the Bay Area but I am sure we could make it worth your while. We are hoping to put on a quite a show this year and webcast it.

Also, I tried to send you a PM but it wouldn’t send so i sent you an email instead. Hope that helps!

Thank you for everything!

Are you the team hosting the tournament?

254 will be planning and hosting the tournament at our school Bellarmine. In fact, the planning meeting is tomorrow afternoon. Last year, we had 50 teams but I am hoping to expand that number and add some features like a raised field and an HD webcast with multiple simultaneous streams (but no promises :rolleyes: ) Once we have the details worked out an announcment with all the concrete details will be posted here within the next 3 weeks.

Hi! I have a youtube channel dedicated to learning Solidworks and other CAD for absolute beginners.

Here is the beginner tutorial playlist (11 beginner exercises):

I also have an advanced series here:

Best regards,

Engineering Juice

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