solidworks vs Inventor professional

Hey i was just wondering you guys’ thoughts between solidworks and autodesk inventor for mainly vex but other random things too.

For vex, inventor has much better support and i like the constraint options much better for assembling vex parts. Also, Inventor’s sheet metal mode is phenomenal, which can be very nice for cadding complex polycarb pieces. For making very large assemblies (several thousand parts) like an FRC robot, I like Solidwork’s tools for making and changing references far better. I also like sketching better in Solidworks. For simulation, I like Inventor better, but I don’t have too much experience with it in either, so don’t quote me on that one. I am overall more comfortable in inventor because i have been using it for several times as much time, but that’s not much to judge on.

I like Solidworks better. I feel like it is more powerful and less buggy.

autodesk inventor professional is waaayyy more powerful!

I prefer Solidworks for almost everything, except when using vex parts. The vex parts are all .step files, which Solidworks can open, but can not make an assembly out of, at least not that I have figured out yet. Inventor just feels slow and unrefined to me, but it is really the only option for making vex assemblies. Supposedly Fusion 360 works as well, have not bothered to try it.

yeah i think fusion works but i havnt tried it
mine is slow but its a 6GB ram computer running inventor pro 2012