Solution on for my gear ratio

Hello, i’m skipping details i just want to ask i was using a gear rati of 1 to 5 and for some reasOns had to swittch it to a 1 to 7 gear ratio
My questin is is there a way to keep the same speed ? Thanks

Speed depends on how fast you are running your motors with the 1:5 ratio. If it is a full 127 then you won’t be able to maintain the same speed on a higher ratio. That is the trade off - power for speed.

If it is simply that you had to switch gears (and assuming that you are running torque 100 RPM motors) then the closest ratio would be to convert your motors from torque to high speed (160 RPM).

Motor x Driving Gear / Driven Gear
Your current ratio: 1 x 1 / 5 = 0.2
With high speed and 84 tooth gear: 1.6 x 1 / 7 = .22