Solution to Power Expander Blinking?

Hi all

Recently I’ve encountered a problem where my power expander will not stop blinking. After searching through the forums and wiki, I found out that it was because the power expander had its circuit breaker tripped.

One of the solutions suggested to me was to disconnect the status port of the power expander, which I used to measure my power expander battery voltage.

The solution worked for me, but now I am unable to take my power expander battery reading.

On one hand I want my power expander to stop blinking, but on the other I still want to take my power expander battery voltage reading.

Any ideas on how I should do this?


You must have an older power expander, known problem, read this thread.

Circuit breaker is not tripped, it’s just that the connection of the status port to the cortex upsets the voltage detection circuitry that the power expander uses to decide if the circuit breaker was tripped or not.

Power Expander status port

Put a piece of electical tape over the light. It will still be blinking underneath the tape but it sounds like the your only issue is seeing the light blink.

Agreed, it will still work but if you really hate lights on your robot then you should just put tape over them. Problem solved. :smiley:

@siam Maybe you should integrate the red blinking light into your colour scheme. Take something good out of a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue: Add some blinking red LEDs to match it. Who needs to cover such a beautiful light. :rolleyes:

I agree! It could be a light show like team 26