Solutions To Driver Loads

There have been many threads on how people plan to elevate, how people plan to launch their balls, whats most efficient, and so on! But i have yet to see one about how teams have decided to handle the large amount of driver control loads, and what innovative systems they have come up with to feed them into their launcher effectively. I have seen the classic ramp that balls roll down on to the launcher, but has anyone come up with any other innovative solutions they would care to share? :smiley:

Our Team went with a pretty simple design. We cut a hole in our back elevator intake, and shaped Plexiglas so that we could easily insert the balls and have them just centimeters away from the launcher for fast outaking.!48961&authkey=!AHyy-H-Jxn4zcQQ&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

EDIT: here’s another link if the first one didnt work for you

I haven’t built it yet but I was thinking a funnel system so the human can throw the balls into the robot at an extraordinary fast rate but it might be hard to build… Ps your link doesn’t work for me

A funnel system would be cool, but I could see potential issues with balls getting stuck against each other.

I still like the design used by 929W, I mean it works :smiley: Just roll the balls down the metal piece into the flywheel and boom, flywheel preload launcher.

Okay heres and idea, what about a funnel that you attach the bag to them pour balls in that stops the flow when it counts 4 balls :stuck_out_tongue: Totally probably not maybe legal :smiley:

Translation: Not at all legal :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, as long as you kept within sizing, had the funnel not go outside the loading area and just gently rolled the balls out of the sack and into the funnel without actually introducing the sack into the field I don’t think there is any rules brokenish :D.

How about everyone have the same human loading mechanism. Then at each event, a box is provided that can attach to that human loading mechanism. That box has all 24 balls, and the team just puts it on to load all their balls. That would definitely work. :smiley: