Some 2009-2010 VRC Stats

I had too much time on my hands tonight, so I pasted the current RobotEvents VRC info into a spreadsheet and counted a few things.

The spreadsheet data are attached (in CSV format) in the attached text file.

The events I examined are the ones starting Oct 2009 and continuing into 2010
There are 152 Events listed (a couple seem like they might be duplicates)
*]Continental USA - 93
*]Alabama - 1
*]Arizona - 1
*]California - 12
*]Colorado - 3
*]Florida - 4
*]Georgia - 11
*]Hawaii - 6
*]Illinois - 2
*]Indiana - 3
*]Maine - 2
*]Maryland - 6
*]Massachusetts - 7
*]Michigan - 1
*]Missouri - 1
*]Nebraska - 9
*]Nevada - 2
*]New Hampshire - 1
*]New Jersey - 3
*]Ohio - 2
*]Pennsylvania - 6
*]South Carolina - 1
*]Tennessee - 1
*]Texas - 7
*]Utah - 1
*]Virginia - 2 :slight_smile:
*]Washington - 3
]Wisconsin - 1
]Hawaii - 6
*]Puerto Rico - 1
[/LIST]52 are in 10 other countries
*]Australia - 1
*]Brazil - 1
*]Canada - 8
*]China - 26
*]Columbia - 2
*]Japan - 1
*]Mexico - 9
*]New Zealand - 2
*]Spain - 1
*]Ukraine - 1
091017a VRC Tournaments.txt (15.6 KB)

GA Represent!!!

My Team is hosting one of the events (the PRHS event to be specific).

GA has hit major expansion especially with the new STEM push that’s been happening in our state. The VEX kits are easy to use, the VEX hardware is easy to get familiar with, and the VEX staff in the area is extremely easy to work with.

So obviously when people are looking for competitions to enter as a team, VEX presents a very good start, hence the 11 tournaments in the area.

Do you have any info on how many teams are registered by state or country?

You can see everything on RobotEvents that I can see - I don’t have any special access to that info for all the teams.


Does anybody? I would like to see the growth and where its coming from.

IFI has the raw data - I don’t know if they have it organized yet - I have asked them to consider using zip codes as a useful way to describe teams’ locations without giving out the teams’ exact addresses; but everything takes time (and time is money…).


I would also like to see all teams’ info out in terms of zipcodes ! I could write up a script in 5 minutes to map out all the VEX teams in the world if I had a CSV of team #s and zipcodes

Well, you know, not every country has ZIP codes… :slight_smile:

Its my understanding that there are currently 155 scheduled events and a little over 1050 teams (non-Chinese) registered so far for this year’s competition.

I think that there were about 1300 teams last year, so with the growth potential, we could be looking at over 2000 teams for this year, including the Chinese teams.

Not only are there more teams, but there are more entries per team this year as well.

I believe that one of the biggest areas of growth will be in the college teams. I know that there are a lot of high school graduates that are ‘Jonesing’ for a robotic competition. We could see some college regionals soon, as well as more college teams at the World Championships.

This is consistent with the email that Jason Morrella sent out two weeks ago when he announced that more than 1,300 teams had already registered. I think Paul’s estimate is pretty close. I’ll see if I can get a team distribution by country or postal code map up. I think it might be fun to see where the teams are, too.

Just in case you were wondering, there is a separate Chinese-language registration site run by a partner. It’s not as easy for us English-speakers to see data from China since it’s not – you know – in a language most of us USAian VEX people can read. :slight_smile:

There are now two college VEX competitions on – one in Baltimore on Feb. 19-20, and another in Worcester, MA, on March 20.

You can get current event data from the Robot Events map page. The map is drawn with Google’s API and the locations are passed to it as a set of JSON data.


Change showpast to 1 to see all future and past events.

The JSON data can be decoded with php’s json_decode function or you could just use sed to break it up into lines and filter out the key/value pairs you don’t need.

Here’s a ugly sed hack to make a CSV.

curl -s -o - ',VRC,VRCC' | sed -e "s/$/\n/" -e "s/},{/\n/g" -e 's/,"\(^"]*\)":"/,"/g' -e 's/"url_key"://g' -e 's/\\//g'

You can load future data (as above) or change showpast to 1 for past data. You cannot see both past and future in the same request.

I’ll throw something together for the team data so someone can mash it up with the event data.

interesting data x]. Representing hawaii, so far we’ve won (got 1st) in two competitions (as of today: Maui, and Moanalua competitions), also winning Excellence and Judge awards. Just to note we may be hosting a competition early next year, so there are still plenty of chances to win a spot for dallas x]. Good luck every one.

When I click on this URL, A file called Events gets downloaded into my computer. I suspect that instead I am supposed to see a map.

Also, when I bring up the RobotEvents home page or Vex page, I don’t see any mention of a Maps page.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?


There is a map for events:

You and Anton are on your own for team distribution.

There is a Maps link at the top right on

The URL I provided pulls the data that the map uses to display location and event info.

As for team info, I need to discuss privacy issues with management and see exactly what, how and if that information is released.