Some Fun with Cubes

When I was practicing earlier, I noticed something fun with the cubes in the tray when the robot spins. It was cool, so I put it on YouTube. cube flywheel.


Im going to try that now. Lets see if i can hit our coach lol

What if someone makes that in a tower


Or if someone manages to score a cube that way

Just yell yeet and they make it… New meta

If it gonna make a link, at least make it a link. Shake my smh my head.


mv^2/r intensifies


I would like to know what kind of practice you were doing. Cool find though.

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I was thinking to myself the entire time, no way he gets one more cube off the tray

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Driving Practice

it reminds me of those ‘starship’ rides at amusement parks where you’re in a rotating disc basically and they have the walls that slide up when you’re going fast so you feel the force against you. (if that makes sense at all. im super tired lol)

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Bet, a team is gonna get so good at spinning they’ll score the highest tower during finals at Worlds and win by 1 point.


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