Some game object tests

Game objects arrived today for me. Doing some tests people on the discord asked me to do. Reply if you want to see something else.

An important thing I found out was that there are only 3 orientations of a cone: Upright, Laying down horizontal, and laying down vertical; the cone eventually auto corrects to be in one of these states. This may be useful info for those planning to make predictable intakes.

Also, pushing the mobile goal is pretty EZ. My drive for SS was on the faster side with less torque, and I can push the pylon across the field back and forth with no stalling. Also, I’m pretty sure my battery was far from charged here; charging station was still at school.

Now here’s a weight reference. In this video, I try to pick up the mobile goal with my SS claw. The first time I tried it, it started stripping like crazy, and in the consecutive tests, it stalled out. Keep in mind I have never had my lift strip, and also this robot would consistently grab 6 stars and 9 stars if the battery was good. Even after feeling the pylons, I was pretty sure my robot could do it. These weights are no joke people.

So some of you have seen that drop test video from worlds. Well I can confirm, the effect is real, but slightly less real than in the video. I tried dropping it from as close to the approximate diameter of the pipe, and with 6 cones, it only failed about 25% of the time. But as I found out, every cone above the 6th cone will consistently fall off.

Testing with 6 cones:

10 cones:

10 cone sway:

20 cone sway:

One last thing: I highly discourage ya’ll from doing the drop test at home. Now the cones this year, IMO, are much stronger game objects than the stars from last year, but they’re not indestructible. Especially after a falling pretty far down from a 10 stack, it’s highly probable that you’re going to chip some plastic off a cone or two. These things are not designed to fall edge first onto a hard tile; and we chipped it considerably doing some drop tests we thought would have no consequences.

Chipped cone:

All I can say is… #lucky.

perks of living in houston :slight_smile:

How easily do the cones tip when pushing them with a straight bar such as the drive?

Pushing them on the top 33% will tip them over. Pushing them in the middle 33% will not tip them over immediately, but if you start to pull some maneuvers things get risky. It is literally impossible to tip it pushing from bottom 33%.

Basically, 66% of the cone will not tip.

are the movable goals nearly impossible to tip?

That clears a lot of things up for me… There are so many more designs that will work for the start and midseason now. :open_mouth: Thanks.

Yep literally impossible. If you push them from the top they just get lower until whatever that’s pushing it moves out of the way. Incredibly low CG. Obv pushing from the bottom gets you nowhere.

Is it possible to push the mobile goals into 10 and 20 points zones without lifting?

These test videos are great. Thanks for helping out!


@phantom285A what ratio was your SS lift, what type of motors and how many rubber bands?

Also thank you for posting these videos

How much do the cones on mobile goals sway if you were to move them around with like 10-15 cones? Also, thank you very much for posting these videos.

Our team has been testing out the new game pieces with a passive claw design. This one has some promise but will need some work.

when you drop them, do they fall perfectly straight or do they drift?

From what I can see you only have a 4 motor lift so I am assuming that that was the reason you were unable to lift the pylons

How much height does each cone add to a stack?

My starstruck bot used 4 motors on the lift and it could lift up to 7 pounds, so 4 motors probably isn’t the reason.

about 2.5"

Thanks! I also found this .

Nope. At least not in any conceivable way I can think about. The black weight at the bottom of the goal just hits the pipe, and since that’s where most of the weight is, the goal gets stuck pretty easily.

It was 1:5 tourqe, no rubber bands.

I think you can get away with moving 10 stack around pretty easily. But from about 15-20, the cones start swaying considerably. I think with certain designs, it will get very hard to score around the 15 range; accidentally pulling away too fast will easily tip the entire thing. Here’s a video.

If you drop them they almost always fall on their side. But yeah, I guess they drift from the position you drop them off, and they also bounce a little.

IDK I think 6 motor might not work either. Depends on several factors.