Some guy messaged me and said this

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ok, but you don’t have to point that out to everybody here. Just try to talk to him privately and at least try to sort things out instead


Generally, it’s not considered nice to leak private messages. Please don’t do that. If you have an issue with what someone said, respond privately to them. Also, this criticism isn’t invalid. They most definitely have a point.


Openly posting private messages to everyone doesn’t help anything, it’s just a way to spread hate.

Even though what he posted is obviously rude and inappropriate , why not consider mentioning this to DRow than to every single person on the forum?


well to say the least I think it was wrong for the person to message you in that rude and inappropriate manner. But you shouldn’t have posted that in a public forum. I think you should have personally handled the issue and talked to an adult about it when it hurt your feelings.


I would recommend people back off a bit - it’s Friday and @Drow will probably get grumpy if things get out of hand here.

I would suggest cooling off and taking a break from this thread - otherwise we might be all asked to take a break from the internet for the weekend…

peace to all.
(@drow a thread lock might be in order…)