Some questions about robot skills

  1. Can I put two cubes on the field at the same time?
  2. Is it a must to use one of those four stars as a preload?
  3. If not, can I put four stars on the field at the same time?

Yes and yes, please read the FAQ next time

Just make sure that their COMPLETELY within the colored square OR that your robot is at least partially touching(not hovering above) the colored square.
And like antichamber said, please read through the forum before posting. Questions like this have already been answered and it clutters up the forum when people keep posting the same thing over and over again :slight_smile:

Yes, as long as you follow all other rules for placing cubes.
Answer here:

Yes, you MUST use a star as a preload in skills.
Answer here:

You can place the remaining 3 on the field at the same time (see answer to #1).

The driver loads are not required to be completely within the starting square, rather, they must only be touching, and are allowed to touch gray tiles.

This is one of those rules where the manual was wrong until February 2. The pictures were changed to match Karthik’s answer rather than the clear reading of what is written in the rules. Based on his word from above, the driver loads only need to touch the starting tile or be on a robot that is touching the tile.

Word from Karthik overrides anything in the manual.

Ok. Good to know :slight_smile:

I guess i need to carefully read through the manual again…

You have to upload the newest manual that was updated February 2nd. Until that newest revision, your answer was spot on with what was in the manual.

The picture was incorrect, however the wording in the manual remains unchanged. The picture was changed to match the wording of the rule.

It does not say the Driver Control Load must be fully on the tile. It just says it has to be placed into the tile. This was reiterated in the Q&A in November:

The rules have always allowed for the Cube to be partially entered the tile. This was written this way to make it easier for teams to load such a large object into a crowded tile.

The wording and the picture had zero conflict. As a matter of fact, the wording indicated that the robot must be “touching” the tile while the driver load without the robot must be “entered into the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile,” Into would imply only on the tile for most people and the plain reading of the rule especially when the rule uses a different language about the robot “touching the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile.” and the picture made it very clear.

You are the boss and get to interpret the rules however you want, but it is clear that your interpretation is not consistent with what was in the manual. That is fine. Everyone is going by what you said. That is the privileged of your position but to claim that was the intent all along is a hard argument to make.

Don’t go there… just saying! If you do, post to Q&A.

Thanks Karthik for a prompt response outside of the Q&A…

Sorry, but Karthik is right on this one. Even if Karthik weren’t always right, he would still be right.

The rule says the cube has to be touching the starting tile. It does not say anything about gray tiles or being completely 100% within the starting tile. There is nothing that suggest that the cube can’t touch the gray tiles or poke outside of the tile’s vertical plain. You are seeing rules that aren’t there.

Something can be “in” the tile and not be completely in the the tile.

Actually, it says the cube must be "“entered into the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile,” and says nothing about “touching” the tile. It does say that the cube can be placed on a robot that is “touching the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile.” The fact that there is a distinct difference and there was accompanied pictures until the new publication dated 2/2/17 that also indicated that the cube must be “into” the tile indicated that the ruling is a change. That is OK. I am fine with it. I just think it is disingenuous to imply that the rule was clear from the beginning and one could have come to the current conclusion based on what was in the manual prior to 2/2/17.

Thanks everyone, so in my understanding, I can put both cubes on the field at the same time, but they shd completely within the colored field,is it correct?

Question: Both cubes can be place at once?
Answer: YES!

Question: Both cubes need to be COMPLETELY within the alliance station starting tile?
Answer: NO!

You may load those two cubes onto your robot that is touching the colored tile, or so that both cubes are at least partially touching the colored tile.

Q&A official answer: