Someone Help with AutoDesk Inventor

Hi, I am the Team Captain of 4828-S, I have recently started using AutoDesk Inventor Professional Student 2016 and I downloaded the library from the forum. The only problem that I am having is loading up advanced part assemblies such as the Omni-Directional wheel and the motors. If someone could help me with this problem, that would be great!

I’m not a expert in Inventor by any means, but from what you have said it may be a computer hardware issue. Assemblies require a large amount of ram and a solid graphics card to handle all the rendering of parts. What’s your system specs?

He is right. I have been using Inventor for almost 1-2 years now and it does require a good graphics card and ram. Otherwise, you will need an Intel Inside Core i5 processor or better for it to work.

However, it is not necessary that this is the problem. If you could post a screenshot of the part, I may be able to help you further. Also, be sure that the browser of Inventor is visible in the screenshot because it may be an issue that the parts have not been downloaded properly.

An assembly is just a file made up of other smaller parts. When opening up assemblies like the Omni-Directional Wheels and 393 Motors, you need to tell Inventor where to find all the little parts. It will usually open the “Resolve Link” window when opening the file for the first time to allow you to locate where you want the assembly to pull files from. For the Omni-Dirrectional Wheel, the parts are located in the “Components” folder inside of “Motion”. Just select the file Inventor is looking for, and click “Open”. Hopefully this fixes your problem.

Here’re some images of what I just described, but with a servo motor:

@Jacob Walter Thank you so much for your help! I didn’t understand the components and file linkage… this helped a lot! Thanks again!

You’re welcome!
Good luck with whatever it is you’re working on :wink: