Someone is taking apart our robot

Im not sure if this is exactly the right place to ask first but regardless im sure everyone here is happy to help! depending on how your room is located, i’d ask a teacher to be on the look out or a school admin to investigate.

Regardless of who took it apart, I think it’s a good idea to go forward knowing that things like this can happen and be prepared for it either by setting up cameras, locking up the robot, etc. I think that right now, all of your focus should be getting a new gear back on. All of the coding will most likely stay the same so don’t fret about the issue, just take precautionary measures

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I’ve merged the two similar threads.

If this was a discussion for your school, you could proably post it here, but it’s not. i don’t think that needs further explaining

GASP did you just… did you just do what I think you just did?

you should really set up your phone right before you go to band, that way you can see who it was


did you figure out who it was?

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You should take pictures as well as document progress before the class period end or anytime you are not going to be working on the robot for an extended period of time.


Somewhat. We found out that the filed down gear was switched out for our proper gear. But the other team was using the same gears as us, and were apparently “In need” for the 80 tooth high strength sprockets. Yea, they appeared right on the other teams robot. We know who did it. It is fine, we changed our robot to make sure nobody else took our stuff, or else we’d know.