Something important we need to figure out about all vex hardware.

We need to know which vex parts can run the original Doom.

I’m assuming the cortex can, and honestly I’m willing to bet all of it down to the accelerometer and the bumper switch is able to run the game.

This is important it will be part of my autonomous.


Whoever gets Doom to run on v5 is instantly a legend. End of question.

yes. With the screen on it, it might be possible?

is it the same thing if somebody replicates the entire game using C++

i also wanna hear how you’ll be using this in autonomous

Just remember that the BFG-9000 is NOT a competition legal component.


Im going to try, I need a summer project anyway!

Sadly we can’t use our own firmware. Doom can run on Unix-like, Windows NT, BeOS, and more.

Getting a source port going on the hardware shouldn’t be difficult; it’s certainly been run on much more anemic platforms. The issue might be storage for WADs, though. Solveable with a virtual file system shared over some communications channel. The VFS part would be useful outside the DOOM port, too.