Something is wrong

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I’m sure malicious hackers have taken control of your account. You probably have to pay them the desired ransom to get back in.

What probably really happened

you’ve been making a lot of useless and spammy posts, and you’ve been flagged a lot, so your account is probably automatically suspended.


Last time I recall, I believe DRow made it pretty clear to DM him in regards to account problems/changes.


Are you allowed two accounts for the same person?? And it’s probably because you got flagged a few times (are you sure you got hacked?)

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@COOLDUDE has not been silenced or suspended by an admin, or by the forum software.

Are you 100% certain that you’re using the correct password? Did you possibly leave your account logged in somewhere that would allow others to access it?


Reset your password…


in what way did it not work? you should receive an email to confirm a password reset.

You need to let things reset. Changing the password really fast over and over again is your problem.

Let it sit for a hour and reset it using the last email you got. Because you are verifying something that you changed yet again

Since your email is private I’d assume an admin could confirm by emailing you.

I just checked the email logs, and a password reset email hasn’t been sent since 9AM this morning. (And it wasn’t for either of your accounts)


Well this now has us in a predicament


I’m going to make a prediction that this will end with one or both of the @COOLDUDE and @FlyingTiger4335 accounts getting suspended until September 8th, 3020.


Many leading scientists believe that if an entity could respond to its environment and remember things, then the first step on a path to develop self-aware intelligence is to start reacting to the negative stimuli.

My theory is that forum software is learning how to minimize the pain caused by junky posts and collateral damage by immune system’s flagging and locking of topics.

Since I am not one of those leading scientists privy to the system logs, I cannot be certain, but all the signs so far point to the forum software becoming sentient.


not again. hate it when that happens.


I think there’s some lessons to learn from this…
Its alright, it happens :slight_smile:


My biggest concern was primarily the following:

  1. Account hacked, and now you publicly post about it. The hacker would see that and either spam this forum to the grave, post content that’s not friendly for audiences, or find out a way to lock out your account entirely via changing email and changing the password.
  2. Account not hacked, and you posted publicly about a false alarm. Now there is additional clutter to this forum that has nothing to do with robotics or social interaction. There are better alternatives as compared to posting publicly about an instance that has to do with your account.

To maintain order/remove clutter, would it be possible to lock/hide this thread? @DRow


Might I also recommend suspending @FlyingTiger4335, as they have another account anyways?


I am flaging this remove it

Oof godo thing this got solved it wouldve been a big mess… I was thinking like why would people hack vexforum accounts it makes no sense.