Songs that you listen to at events

Alright I’m desperate for a new music taste. What kinda songs do you guys listen to during/before events to calm down or just to have a good time?

Epic theme songs. Lots of epic theme songs.

My team has a huge gap in music tastes, the songs can be anywhere from k-pop to My Chemical Romance to Kiss to Marconi Union. We all like way different music.

death grips

Darude, Rick Astley, Shooting Star, you know, the, good, stu,ff

toto africa on loop

Speaking of which, at the comp I helped ref at my old high school, the music in the gym was someone’s iPod set to random shuffle. The music would go from explicit rap to Christian songs. It was funny because after just about every sexual song, a Christian song would play. It was kinda like the person felt guilty about the songs and decided to add some Christian songs to even it out. Still don’t know whose iPod that was.

Best music ever

“Turn it Off” from the Book of Mormon

It helps me think

Only the best is allowed here and I think you’ve found the best.

I usually don’t listen to music during the comp, but if I did (or perhaps on the drive there), Slav Hardbass is always best.