Sorry for the double posting and the annoying post

Dear forums members please if you wish to help me by sending me something or correcting me please pm me.
I am also sorry for try to use the forums incorrectly.
I wish to be more mature and professional.
I am not look for excuses just to better my self.
Thank you for your greater under standing.

Thank You for your Gracious Apology. Even us Old-Timers are still learning how to deal with those around us. Foster’s recent “melt down” is a good example of that.

Try to be Gracious to Others… Kind Words are always a benefit, disarming those who are Angry, or at least not adding to their anger.

Double Posts happen… Delete the Superfluous One, if you can or report it to a Moderator, so that they can “tidy it up”.

You are not alone. I use to be one of those “Crazy fanatic posters” that didn’t say really anything except “cool” or “good job!”. I hope I have gotten better at posting, and when I do post, I actually have something to say.