Sorta PID for Driver Control

Is it possible to make a sorta, slower PID for the river control period. Because of the lots of updating to motor voltage I do not know the possibility of this. We need to sync both of our sides of our wheels.

Well, yes, you can use a velocity control on the faster drive side, with the slower side as the target velocity. However, the programming to disable it and allow you to turn is a little bit difficult, and your driver will be able to correct any slight turns really easily. I would recommend just training your driver to correct turns due to a slower side, since it’s much simpler.
However, if you want to do that, you can figure out which side is faster, and which is slower, and set the faster side’s motor power to the result of the PID loop, and the slower side’s speed to the target value. You also need to calculate the rotational velocity for it. As far as disabling the loop to let you turn, under what condition will the robot try to turn (See if you can figure that out)?
Does this help? If something doesn’t make sense, I should be back in about 5 hours from a community service project to explain further, or someone else can jump in.

Well if you had a task that’s job was Controlling angular velocity and when you turned you changed the target velocity to be positive or negative.

Ok, so its possible, but really complicated…

Ya the simplest solution would be to switch to using ROBOTC and ticking the PID option while having both side of the drive train running IME.

That or just build both sides the same and eliminate friction to ensure it turns about the center properly.