Sorta? Unique US Open Proposal (Not the dating one)

Hey all!

So as I’m sure everyone here knows by now, bo1 has been a fairly polarizing issue in the community. It’s been defended by Vex, the RECF, many EPs and mentors, and some competitors, but it’s also been argued against by many competitors and alums. The changes have actually caused quite a few competitors, especially on elite teams, to leave the program forever. After a lot of surveys and discussion on the forum, I’ve come to appreciate that no amount of arguing is going to convince Vex to bring bo3 back.

But, this year is all about transition. It’s the first full season with bo1, it’s the most multifaceted challenge they’ve ever done, it’s the first season without Paul Copioli and the second without Karthik or Jason Morella, and it’s the first season with v5. To ease the transition, similar to how the legacy 393 system and the v5 system are both legal this year, I’d like to propose a very large end-of-the-season tournament with a 12 alliance, 24 team, bo3 elim bracket. Maybe the US Open would be interested in using this format? Maybe there could be separate divisions at worlds- some with bo1 and some with bo3, and teams could pick which one to compete in? Maybe it could be a totally separate event? Maybe it wouldn’t even be an official competition if Vex opposes this idea too strongly?

Anyhow, I’d be super interested in competing in such an event, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


My input:
To have a BO1 Tournament and a seperate BO3 Tournament would be, in my opinion, really difficult to organize and would require even more effort, volunteers (you get the idea) than to just have a single BO1 or BO3 tournament.
I can see US Open going either way, but they went with BO3 last year, given that the manual updated on 4/15 (which I assume, added the BO1 format), after US Open. I’m pretty sure they would most likely go with BO1 because they still follow the game manual.

Keep in mind that there are teams that travel long distances to go to US Open. I don’t think that a lot of them would be willing to put in the effort to go that far just to do something unofficial.

EDIT: I finally understood the “Not the dating one” you put in the title haha

I feel like the idea for worlds is too complicated/pointless. At Worlds everyone has competed in 5-7 tourneys all using Bo1, it seems pointless to run seperate divisions with seperate tournament structure.

The US Open isn’t a World’s Qualifying Event anyway. They could certainly use BO3 if they chose.

Technically US Open can do whatever they want because it does not qualify for Worlds. It is up to the CREATE foundation to decide what they want to do.

This is very true. And seeing as they didn’t even fill up to full capacity last year, this could be a good way to boost profit and hype at the same time.

Actually they always fill to capacity around late December early January, but a lot of teams pull out (and get their refund) because the qualified for US Open and Worlds but can’t afford both. They are boosting their profits in one way by raising the entrance fee. Honestly as someone who as competed at US Open and formally Nationals a total of 7 times, it is already pretty hype.