Sorting VEX IQ Pins?

Trying to clean up and sort my equipment after the season, and I have a bin of VEX pins/connectors that are all mixed together. I tried to design and 3d print a sorter for them (like the ones they have for Lego bricks) where I could scoop the connectors and the smaller ones would fall through the holes, leaving the larger ones for me to put away. However, the sorter only works when the connectors are flat against the bottom, otherwise they all fall right through the holes.

Is there an efficient way of sorting these little guys sorted out, or am I stuck doing this manually?

i think you should tape metal to them and use magnets


You could try tipping all the pieces on a contrasting flat surface (like white) and push the same pieces into piles. Then collect up the piles at the end and put them into separate containers.

Then to speed it up even faster, get as many people as you can to help.

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I find that having al the pins in one bin works as well as separating them into containers. The kids get what they want and walk away.

Save the hours of sorting to improve your program in other ways.

Whatever cleaning you do, never do it alone. There was a team, this is your post season party. Get some pizza and make an event out of it.


The more I think about it, the more I think you’re right. This may be a case where “perfect is the enemy of good”. The time it takes to sort 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 pins into separate containers is longer and than the time it takes students to find what they are looking for during a build when they are all mixed together.

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I find that my time is better spent not sorting pins (or screws, for VRC), until at least I retire and build a screw sorting machine in my spare time. Screws are cheap, especially from

In our organization, I have bins of pins, screws, etc. Students can take all they need for their teams organizing bins (each team is issued a compartment organizer), but they are not allowed to return pins (or screws). Only I can fill the “master bins”, and when I do, it is always with new pins (or screws) from the factory packages. btw, never seen any issues with “hoarding” of screws/pins/etc. This method has worked for years.


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