SOS Our brain is having a mental breakdown

Our brain is not having a fun time. Sometimes the coding on the brain fries the batteries, some of the ports don’t work, and for some reason when we connect to port 6 it is supposed to control x and b on controller but instead y and a work. Please give us some info!
Note: this is for the V5 Crunch Build

So lets begin at the beginning

  1. You are building Crunch
    a. Crunch uses the default code and has predefined ports that you are using - Are you using the default code or something you wrote?
    b. If it’s something you wrote, as with all questions about code, posting the code makes the solution go faster.
  2. Can you be more specific than “brain fries the batteries”?
    a) Are the batteries fully charged?
    b) Are the batteries showing any lights on the battery pack?
    c) When you look at the V5 display, what does it say about the battery?
  3. The X / B and Y / A are confusing.
    a. Are you saying the motor in port 6 is being controlled by the wrong buttons?
    b. Are you plugged into the right ports? The numbers are small and it’s easy to be off by one (this is also assuming you are running the standard program)
  1. yes we are using the original
  2. Batteries just don’t turn on
  3. its controlling the wrong buttons
    i think our brain is just broken

Can you do a little better on question 2c please?

When we ran the original code on the robot, it killed our battery, battery no longer charges or turns on.

Ok, dead, dead battery. Call VEX support 903-453-0802 and talk to them.

what about the brain?

Talk about both of them. I’m shooting in the dark here about the brain, I think it may be ok. Otoh, we can’t do any more until you can power it back up.

ok thank you for your help

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A and Y are supposed to control port 6, not B and X.
you can see valid controls and ports in the wiring screen for the drive program, if you really want to use B and X, then move the motor to port 7.

and it’s looks like the controller map screen may be incorrect :frowning: we will get that fixed.


Another problem we saw now is the brain says our controller is dead, it works and is fully charged.

What was the fix for the battery?

If you connect the controller to the brain what message do you get?