Source for 393 motors?

We have doubled the number of our competition teams since last year. We ordered additional motors, motor controllers, and parts but motors/controllers are backordered through Vex. I have tried to find another source to obtain motors so that my students may finish the build. No luck. Does anyone know where I might be able to get 20-30 motors to hold us over until our Vex order comes in?

Try looking for local teams in your area that have moved on to V5 and are willing to sell you their used 393s at a discounted price. Resellers in your area might be also have some in stock. For a start, RobotMesh seems to have some in stock.

Hi Kwirk,

I replied in a private thread titled “Source for V2 and Motors” in the General Forum. (not quite sure how those work yet.) Let me know if you are interested by 11/19.

Since our organization is no longer active we have around 30 369 motors that we have no use for. We will sell them at half the original price. Please contact if you are interested.