South carolina rankings for best MS teams in turning point

I recently saw a topic about best MS team in south Carolina but wanted to break it down into certain games like turning point
me personally i would say 6381c is the best with 77240A with a close second, third can be distributed between 2 teams, 8686m and 6318B.8686m had a rough year previously which was the itz but had bounced back with winning robot skills champion and MS excellence award at indian land, they also had been competing against 2704A allie cats and Gettys gadgetteers, which both are good teams but mainly would compete gettys gadgeteers in notebook at comps.

  1. 6318c
  2. 77240A
  3. 8686m, 6381b
  4. 2704A

if people would like to add to this list of teams i can make a google sheets

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