South Carolina States

@DRow my team doesn’t know when or where South Carolina states is. We can’t find it on the website, and the help section just sent outdated articles. Please help so we can book a hotel! (Sorry for the ping btw)

Dude, chill out. No need to ping DRow. Just use the robot events search settings. Literally took me less than 30 seconds.

Edit: this is the high school link, Ben has the one bellow for middle school.


I believe this should be it.


Same but I think they are middle school. But yeah like 9MotorGang said you can just search on robotevents.


Sorry, we were on this website and couldn’t find it here. Thank you!

It should not be on this website. This is not where you register and pay for events. There was no need to ping an admin. If you get a states ticket, the name of the event (and possible the event url) should be in that email.


very South Carolina thread


Ok, sorry. My mom told me to ask someone who would know. DRow was first to come to mind.

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Indeed, we can’t find the MS event.

vex forum moment fr fr


Filter for “Where” and set it to South Carolina and you will find MS Championship at the end of the list.

I recommend that you look at prior replies with this link and spend time learning how to use to find VRC events.

It is a good investment of time.


Dang, @Sylvie was not your first go to?


You clearly need better communication with your coach.

I honestly feel like some recent responses are unnecessary. OP made a thread and got bashed for making a single mistake. We should aim to give an opinion, then move on as compared to twisting the knife further after it has made its mark. The answer has already been posted, and a comment has already been made for the matter at hand. Let’s move on please.


He is on vacation, and it is a long weekend. I will see him Wednesday because tomorrow is a snow day.

Bro you have to specify who answered the question so that this thread isnt just here.

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