South Florida Skyrise - 24 Jan 2014 - Teams ti watch

I’m coming to the South Florida event on the 24th to see Vex and VexIO. What teams am I looking for, who are the top teams in this event?

I’ll be easy to find, I’ll have on my roboteer shoes, many many multicolor ASICS.

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Okay so I went to find the robotevents page and there are 3 florida competitions that weekend. I don’t know which is “south” florida. Miami is pretty south right?

South Florida is going to be more towards Miami, as opposed to many of the Central Florida events our team has been going to (Lakewood Ranch, Battle in Brandon, etc).

I went to the event in Miami, it’s considered to be South Florida. (Miami is ~350 miles south of Jacksonville / Florida-Georgia border)

Lots of great robots. Most drives were either mecanum or holonomic drive bases. There was very little push / shove / pinning in any of the matches that I saw so the more agile bases were fine. Some last second cube removal to regain ownership of the post.

A few souped up clawbots. Pretty even split between 4 bar, elevator and scissor lifts. Team 4154 (USSR) had the best 4 bars setup, with the “reversing” linkage, very cool and very smooth.

There were two really nice elevators, one used the small rope to do the lifting. The other used the heavy duty chain. Both were very smooth and moved well.