South Korea

I am a VRC coach from the states (Oregon) and am moving to South Korea next year for a teaching job at an international school there. My plan (and the school’s desire) is that I will start a VRC program at the school.
I know there are a couple folks on here from SK, can you tell me what a VRC “season” looks like in SK? How many competitions are held and when are they held? How do teams qualify for Worlds? Any other information you can give me would be great!
Looking forward to meeting some of you next year.

Not from South Korea, obviously, but I have some ideas about how to find things. There are a bunch of links in the paragraphs below.

According to page 6 of this document South Korea gets 1 middle school and 1 high school slot this year. According to the high school team list from last year’s Worlds ( here: Worlds 2016 HS team list ) the team representing South Korea for Nothing But net was 6724A. Looking to vexdb, and searching for 6724, (here: vexdb 6724 team search resultst) you can see all the matchs scraped from RobotEvents that ever had a 6724 team in them. From that you can infer what their season has looked like over multiple years. Choosing the most recent event, which happened December 2, Formosa VEX Starstruck 2016 , you can see that Chadwick International is the only SK organization to send teams to the event. Looking back to the only other event from the Starstruck season, on November 18, ASIJ (American School in Japan) VEX Robotics Challenge , again you see that Chadwick International is the only SK organization to send teams to the event.

However, the VEX Robotics Korea National Championship - 2017 event has 28 SK teams from several organizations in it. It is to be held on February 18.

So, it looks like the National Championship is probably how they decide who to send. And it also looks like there aren’t many events yet. You may have to start with some scrimmages to kick-start things, since it looks like there are not lots of local events to attend. Or at least not many that make it to official status.

That is extremely helpful. Thanks kypyro! Looks like travelling is the way teams get to multiple events.

I know there are South Korean teams that attend Singapore events and the ASIJ event in Japan. I think there are also a lot of other major vex events focused in East Asia.

(One example:
this is a middle school event but they also host a high school one)