South Texas VEX - Feb 22nd

That is another rumor.

I hope it would not cause more teams went to South Region.

Just a reminder to all teams to attempt skills challenge.

Skills is the primary way Event Partners (EPs) can invite teams to attend the Regional Championships if they don’t qualify by winning an award. Even if your skills score is low, you still might have a chance at getting invited.

Also, South Texas VEX is going to have a large demonstration area with 3D printers, FIRST Robots and awesome engineering projects. If you would like to setup a public demonstration booth. Please contact me and we will arrange a space.

You probably scared them to the South. :smiley:

But not really, there is only one team from the northern part of Texas. All the rest are from South Texas, and Mexico.

I Just think that there are several that just haven’t signed up yet for the North.

Some competitions are open the day before for team setup and skills challenges.
Will this be the case for the Southern Regional?

Our robot is slower than some and we usually speed him up slightly for skills, however it takes about an hour and isn’t something we can safely accomplish on competition day. It would be great if we could do the run, switch the sprockets that night, and then compete.


Why not try and maintain a good enough balance to make good use of it on both matches and skills? My motto is a good enough robot for skills can win a match.

It actually worked :smiley: we are currently ranked 4 in Robot Skills and won the Regional in Puerto Rico

We also believe balance to be the best option, but our current desgin has served us very well and we don’t wait to have to change it now. Our robot uses more aggressive strategies and wasn’t originally designed for skills, but now that we’ve started going for skills, we want to do our best.

Off Topic:
The only PR robots I’ve seen were AMAZING, to win a regional there must take some skill. :smiley:

it was pretty intense we like to say its our championship since its the final tournament held in PR and we have it divided in 4 division for a better experience.
Intermedie rookie
Intermediete advance
HS rookie
HS Advance

I participate in HS Advance which is classified the hardest division in Puerto Rico where the best of all puerto rico in high school compete.
It definetly was a very challenging tournament.
My team achieved rank 1 on the tournament 1st place on robot skills with 86 and tournament champions. We didnt do pretty good on programming due to error with encoders at start and couldnt repeat, we only had 1 chance at programming and 2 at robot skills.

I’m the Driver and Designer of my team and I hope to see some great robots at world it will be my first time there.
Theres some teams ive always looked up to since I started maybe ill meet them over there :slight_smile:

Schedule is posted for VEX and VEXiq .

We are running 4 fields, 1 division.

This schedule could change if teams drop,

Good luck everyone, we are going to be at the Dallas Regional. We are hoping to add a few points to our programming skills in an effort to stay in the top 30 past the 2nd of March. With so many events before the deadline for skills there is still a lot of threats to those near the top, the Kiwibot skills challenge and the Singapore event are giving me a little heartburn :eek: