South Texas VEX U Regional - February 21st

Hey guys!!

So with the new qualifying process for VEX U teams in the US, there are only 5 events that have qualifying spots for Worlds this year. Each event much have at least 6 teams to be considered a qualifier. Right now there are 5 teams registered and we’re looking for a few more teams to sign up. The deadline is 17th and it’s only $50 to register.

Hope to see you guys there!!

  • Xavier

5 spots for US doesn’t seem right. We are planning on sending three teams from southern California alone.

There are also the top 2 in both robot skills and programming skills. also when you look at Marylands event they have 8 teams so they will get 2 teams to worlds. So 4 from skills right there. Also only 5 teams need to be signed up for an event to have the excellence award qualify for worlds.

Based on this:

6-11 only qualifies one spot (Excellence) for worlds. Yes, you can get in from the robot and programming skill, which my team plans on working hard on.

Where are you seeing that number? I’d like to know the number each state can send for VEX U.

Unfortunately there’s no official information I can provide you. A lot of information in that PDF mentions how they can change stuff as needed. I was also told 8 teams would allow 2 teams to go at our schools competition. I would talk the person in charge of your area to get better clarification. I don’t think there is a limit per state. One team is coming from out of state to our competition. Hopefully you can get more teams to show up at your event. Kind of bummed less teams get to go this year.