Southern California Teams

Ok, at the first event i attended in October of last year, we made it clear that california would step it up, and be more dominant at worlds. Throughout the season teams got better and better, and at every competition their was an announcer that would say “You are going to see teams from southern california, from this competition, that are going to have some of the best robots in the world”. I really think we stepped it up, and i just wanted to say a congratulations to some teams at worlds from California.

20A- Amazing job guys, match 224 on science was a great 1 with you guys.
21C- Congrats on making it to the semis of the technology division, and amazing pneumatic outtake on the robot, nice job.
404- Congrats on winning the Science Division, and going undefeated in every round on the science field. (16-0, before the worlds semis match up) Great Job!
404D- Congrats on making it to the semis of the math division, and winning the amaze award.
404E- Congrats, surprised you guys weren’t a first pick. Winning the science division, amazing job. The Semis were definitely matches i’ll never forget.
569- Congrats on taking home another title for California. Also amazing job during the alliance selection, you guys had the best combo. Major props to your hole team, especially scouting and coaching (strategy).
569C- I saw you guys ranked first after day one, i know you guys are a great team, great robot, and an amazing drive team.
599B- Major Props for the gate hopping guys. It was pretty epic when i saw that on the practice field, i was impressed.
599D- Guys you took the world champs to 4 matches. Be proud, it could have went either way in that last quarters round. Great pneumatic lift, you guys inspired a hand full of teams to use pneumatic lifts.
628C- Great job making it to the quarters, nice robot, and nice being in the top 8.
687- All teams great job, congrats to 687N for winning the spirit award, and great competition you guys put up in match 224 on science.
1138B- Proud of my team, making it to semis, but losing to other cali teams (404, 404E), i feel good and seriously happy for 404 :).
1437X-Nice semis finish taking green eggs to a third match with 404D. I really liked the robot concept, great job.
1437Z- Great job making it to the quarters, some unlucky breaks in quarters, it happens. But you guys over came that, and won the teamwork award.

Great Job to all Southern California Teams, I might have missed some teams, but I’m really proud of every team as a whole from our region. Amazing and hopefully we can bring back that same competitiveness next season, see you guys in October. (btw, sorry for the late post, ive had a lot of hw since worlds so…)

Thank You Sir. We always strive to be the best we can be and we appreciate the complement

Thanks for the shout out! We really appreciate it! :smiley:
We were excited after the first day but sadly the second day didn’t go to well for us. (Just a run of bad luck.)
We are excited for the regional tournaments for Sack Attack and we can’t wait to see the robots and strategies that the Southern California region comes up with. (We truly believe that SC is one of the most competitive areas when it comes to VRC.)

Thanks for the compliment!

We can’t wait for the upcoming Sack Attack regionals, and the amazing robots our state will bring.

And after our CAMS competition back in the beginning of the year, I can’t wait for what kind of awesome autonomous you guys have in store for us!

I can assure the Southern California region that 569C will have very strong autonomous runs this year!

Thank you very much, and congrats again to all the SoCal teams! Unfortunately I won’t be participating in VEX next year, but I’m looking forward to seeing all the great designs and strategies to come out of SoCal.

Thank you, Michael! You guys had a great year as well (CAMS and CSUN finals were both challenging because you brought your A-game to every match).

I have to agree. I was looking at Michael’s list, which really shows how many amazing teams we get to compete with on a regular basis.

I won’t be around to compete next year, but I can’t wait to see what everyone brings to Sack Attack. Best of luck to everyone!

Will 1437 still be competing in the 2012-13 season? Or are you guys graduating?

Thanks, its was pretty epic playing with and against you guys this past season. Good luck in your journey, and happy trails. :slight_smile:

Viewpoint Robotics will be around next year, though some of us are seniors and are off to college this fall (myself included). We mix grade levels in our teams, and our teams work together as a unit in robot development, so no team is disappearing. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for October!

Thank you, Michael! If you are a senior, the same goes for you. Otherwise, good luck with applications!

I cant wait to see what teams come up with for this season. I will not be competing this season since I will be graduating, but I will try to attend the so-cal tournaments that the club will be going to.

Thank you, Michael! If you are a senior, the same goes for you. Otherwise, good luck with applications!

Well, im a junior, the majority of the people on our team are juniors. Though next year we will mostly all be seniors, we are getting 5-6 freshmen from team 83 (Middle School Eagle Engineering). You can expect a really good competitive season for 1138 next year. We are planing on having a lot more than just 2 teams next year. :slight_smile: