Southern New England High School Regional Championship Event Video

Saturday March 5th

Sunday March 6th

Congrats to those teams advancing to Worlds!

Middle School is coming up March 12.


Am I reading your agenda correctly that you gave an hour for 80 teams to get inspected and that actually somehow worked?

And if so, two follow up questions, how many inspectors do you have, and do teams in your region just… show up ready to be inspected? I’m used to 2+ hour inspection windows and still trying to get teams to get around to being inspected at the end of it.


The lines were absolutely horrendous, literally filed from the inspection area to where matches were being held ( was in a separate room separated by a hallway)


Good questions:)

running events you learn a few tricks - 1) ask all teams to do a pre-flight inspection with their coaches of the Robot Inspection Checklist and have coach/teacher/mentor sign off on it. The result is that a lot of the minor stuff gets weeded out ahead of time, and you can focus on the hard stuff. The benefit is that coaches have to take ownership of having conversations with their team. 2) have sizer run down the waiting line… it is simple, for the most part, until you have someone claim it is ok they are out of size because of pneumatic not being active (read post about sizing earlier today :slight_smile: ), 3) ready to start driver meeting a little later (like 1/2 hour if need be and have speakers know this …) 4) starting QM late ok, we catch up quickly, 3:45 match cycle allows for that, 5) life happens, nothing is perfect, but we got your six rounds in first day and four more second day.

Now for blemishes - life happens, and this is a season where the last HS regionals was 2019 Turning Point. Tower Takeover and Change Up in person regionals did not happen.

I am thankful for the extraordinary volunteers in the region that stepped up to make it a regional event.


Agreed - lines are horrendous, and yet all teams were inspected prior to Drivers meeting and start of matches.

What you did not see behind the scenes is that simultaneously as inspection was started with seasoned inspectors, referee crew was going through pre-event meeting, at same time I walked through and identified areas to speed up inspections and they did occur, and when full team was present inspection was completed prior to Drivers meeting.

Also, match schedules were available to teams the night before and did not have to be rerun as teams did their pre-checkin online to confirm teams were coming and all teams were on site on time.


What I’ve learned is in your region not only are teams ready ahead of time, but they also read the emails you send out about the event? You guys must have something in the water out there or something. We’re running a Friday/Saturday state championship for the first time and I’m scared like 5 teams are gonna show up on Saturday confused why the event is already half over…

But yeah, even if it’s an hour and a half to get everybody inspected at an 80 team event, that’s impressive.


Thanks - I do communicate a lot - ok sometimes a bit too much. But I put it out there. For example, two weeks before MS regionals next week, they have their PIT area, we have an event guide … this is new to many teams, and we do get it wrong …

  1. this is MANY teams first season… repeat FIRST season … for most others, a couple of seasons since their last season - there were in middle school for most HS teams.
  2. coaches/teachers/mentors are juggling so much in day job, that they forget about reminding teams of basics (see point 1… they need it)
  3. I do not assume coaches read all the emails - and that is how we work out problems with inexperienced teams.

I am honored and privileged to be part of SNE teams journey in these most challenging times.

Be kind to all.


my bad, i meant to reply to another comment, wasn’t trying to criticize the event, It was good that you inspected size before teams got the full inspection. I thought that made it go by a lot faster. Thanks for having us there we had a good time(and thanks for the pizza)


I did not take it as a criticism, but a statement of a fact that was indisputable - lines were long for inspection! totally agree. I was just giving a view of what was going on and how we problem solved.

We also had obnoxiously long lines for skills, because teams listened about getting skills runs done early while robot was fresh. To remedy that we converted on practice field to skills in Cafeteria Pit and were prepared to do same in small gym pit. we had flexibility due to using V5 Robot brain skills app which was awesome from an operational point of view.

I do want to acknowledge many teams stepped up to help from the region to make the event fluid.

Southern New England teams rock!


As someone who was there, I do wish that the lines for both skills and inspection were shorter, but I understand that it was unavoidable.

Overall, really well run event! Thanks to everyone who was helping to run the event so smoothly. Really appreciate it.


I enjoyed attending this event very much! It was a ton of fun meeting teams, and a very well run event. I actually found the skills lines to be shorter on the second day than the first day, which was a pleasant surprise (even though we only had one programming skills run saved for that day).


Despite what others said I didn’t think the lines were was big of deal. Overall it was great to be back at a regional competition due to covid and the event was challenging but rewarding. Glad to have gotten tournament champions and a spot at worlds


Glad you had a good experience! Running Middle School Regionals this Saturday. Half as many teams, so lines should be half as long :slight_smile: