SOZBOT M Control rev 1.0b

I recently purchased the above controller and a GWS R-4PII reciever. I’m trying to make them work with the VEX remote, but so far I haven’t been successful. I connected a 9V battery to the controller board and calibrated it, but when the board turns on all the motors just start turning in random directions, even if i’m not pressing any of the remote’s control sticks. I know, I’m a n00b, but I am ready to do almost anything to avoid buying a brand new remote. Is it possible to use the VEX remote with that combination of hardware?

Thanks for your help.

well, just make sure the frequencies are the same. thats all i can offer.

More than once I have read comments about the Vex transmitter using protocols that are different from typical RC transmitters - Find out what protocols the GWS… uses and then ask the VexLabs folks whether the VexLabs transmitter uses the same ones…

Do you have access to and know how to use an Oscilloscope??

Compare the SOZBOT M Control rev 1.0b and GWS R-4PII receiver to the “analyzed” Vex Transmitter/Receiver. Unless you can change the Vex Controller to read the SOZBOT M Control rev 1.0b and GWS R-4PII receiver, you will need to make them look like the Vex Transmitter/Receiver…

have u tried the remote without the hardware???

What do you mean?

I don’t have an oscilloscope, and probably don’t have any means to obtain one cheaper than I could just buy a new remote control (which I’ve found for $60, not the $150 i’d imagined). If there was a cheap and dirty way to fix this problem that you guys could suggest (I know, tall order) I’d be willing to try but right now looks like it’d be easier to just buy a new remote. Maybe i could mess around with this later, after my antweight is built and fully operational >:D Thanks for the help guys!

PS info for GWS reciever i have:
Number of Channel: 4
Modulation: FM (PPM) Single Conversion
Signaling: Positive Shift
Operating Voltage: 3.6 to 7.2 V
Current Drain: 5 mA

any of that hold significance for you guys?

Vex is a 6-channel transmitter. I expect that would confuse a 4-channel receiver.

definitely and i hope it works

is there a way to maybe somehow turn the vex remote into a 4-channel transmitter?

also, if i get a GWS 6-channel reciever then it’ll work?

Well i purchased a 6-channel reciever, but the same thing still occurs, so i’m beginning to think the problem lies in the VEX transmitter using different protocols, or maybe my jerry-rigged VEX reciever crystal arrangement. I ordered a GWS crystal and that’s on the way. (yes I made sure it was the same channel as my VEX remote) I’m going to try the calibration routine several times again, maybe i’m screwing that up somehow. Perhaps i can do some voodoo to get it to work :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your help guys.

The frequency crystal did the trick, apparently there is something different between the VEX frequency crystal and the one i bought (or maybe it was my bodged-together rig to get the VEX crystal to fit in the tiny pins on the reciever), but now everything works fine.

So, to recap, I have a six-channel GWS reciever with a GWS frequency crystal and a SOZBOT M rev 1.0b controller and the VEX remote works with these devices normally. I am currently using three channels out of the six, but I’m pretty sure it works with all six.

Thanks for the update… I am glad you got it to work, and the next person interested in the SOZBOT M rev 1.0b controller will be glad too…