SP Question

One of our members had a question about SP’s. He thinks instead, it should be KP (Kill Points) or something like that. It would be the amount of points you win by.

So, in a match the scores are as follows:
Q #1
Red: 255
Blue: 70

Red would get 2 WP, and 185 KP’s (because they won by 185). Why isn’t it run like this?

This would get teams more hyped up about really pushing their robots to the limit and seeing how much they can score.


Aren’t SPs designed as a way to judge the strength of your opponents?

Because of you are rookie and get steamrolled 200- 9 every match, you would get discouraged. this way, it makes them feel like they didnt do that bad.
And elims is already ‘get the most money’ already right now, so theres still a time to show off :stuck_out_tongue:

We are a rookie…

I see your point. But still, I think it should be changed.

What are middle school and high school divisions for???


I think there is a good discussion going on here that also explains the intent of the current SP system.