Spacer Sizing Help

Hi, my team and I are wondering if anybody can translate spacer numbers into fractions of an inch. We are in dire need of help. Here are the sizes that need translated. Please translate them into fractions of inches. We are using the crunchbot model.
Thank you, as my team is very , very frustrated about this.

Spacers come in sizes of 1/2, 3/8, 1/4, and 1/8 inch. Teflon wahsers are 0.04" thick, which is 1/25"

Those part numbers don’t turn up any meaningful results for me on - what kit did you get them in?

In any case, the white nylon spacers come in 1/8-inch (0.125") increments, measuring them with a ruler or calipers is pretty easy.

Edit: Ah, looking at the Crunch build instructions I see where you got those numbers. Those illustrations are actual size so if you print out the page you should be able to identify the right spacer pretty easily.


And for the record…

0.125 = 1/8
0.25 = 1/4
0.375 = 3/8
0.5 = 1/2
0.875 = 7/8


The illustrations aren’t to scale when we printed them, even though we used the correct printing size. Thank you so much for your help.

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The Crunch build instructions list the lengths next to the quantity.



Actually, do you think that you could match up the spacer sizes with the numbers in the original post. It’s okay if you don’t but we are literally screaming right now lol

Nvm, your good. We have resolved the issue.

Well since I already had the table formatted:

Part Number Decimal Length Fractional Length
276-5912-001 .125 1/8
276-5913-001 .25 1/4
276-5914-001 .375 3/8
276-5915-001 .5 1/2
276-5916-001 .875

Committing these fraction-to-decimal conversions to memory will save you a lot of time in the future.


Thanks for helping us. We figured out what to do, and our wheels are on. Lots of frustration has been saved by you guys.

i had the same problem