Spacers in Axles

Somewhere on the Internet I heard that you need to fill all the empty space in an axle with spacers. I don’t get the reasoning of this. Why can’t you just use collars? Please explain if this is a myth, or why you would need to do this.

Its more of a design standard in my eyes, you don’t need locking collars… In fact I’m not using them for the most part. I design with spacers because they are really nice to work with, yes can be a mess when dissasembling, but overall I think it makes a cleaner looking robot.

  • Andrew

You don’t NEED to have spacers, but they are nice. Collars come loose sometimes, allowing things to wiggle along the shaft, but filling extra space with spacers eliminates this problem.

I find that if you fill the axle with spacers, the rod won’t bend later in the season after extensive use. If the spacers are pretty snug it doesn’t give enough space for the rod to bend.

It is mainly personal reason and any possible benefits are speculation at best and you shouldn’t build something that has the ability to bend support things in 3 or 4 places just to be safe.

I di once but collar filled away and the collar was stuck for good and the rod was wasted.:rolleyes: I’d manage to use it though.

Put a regular screw in the collars. They work much better, are easier to tighten, and usually never strip.

Anyways, like others have said, putting spacers reduces the chances of your axle bending, collars can get loose, and spacers look better aesthetically, although they are a pain in small spaces.