ive noticed alot of spam recently on the forum and was wondering if you could add a capture (i think thats what there called) (the things that give you text to retype to submit a reply)
just to clean up the spam a little

(im sorry for being that guy)

You mean CAPTCHA

That would probably ruin it for the rest of us. Besides, if you see spam, just report it, and it will be taken care of soon by our awesome moderators. I have one suggestion though: not to let new members comment on 20 or 30 posts in a row like today’s spammers did.

There is always at least three moderators online constantly removing spam posts and banning the spam accounts.

About 90% of the spam gets removed before its even reported, so if you see a spam post the most registered users can do is report it.

One of the most annoying things as a new member was writing a response that never got posted because you had to wait for someone to approve it (I’m not sure exactly how it worked, but that was my experience).
I think a post limit per hour and awesome moderators (like we already have) will eradicate this problem.
It’s been handled very quickly, though, so I don’t think anything really needs to be changed.

Irony at its greatest…?

lmao thats one of the reasons why i started the thread

I must say, the mod(s) do an excellent job, but me having no life like I do, a lot of the time when I check the forums (I check the forums A LOT) there is a load of spam bringing old threads back from the dead. Its really irritating. :frowning:

yeah i agree completely

and did anyone else see the spam post in the Gyroscope thread (
it had pornographic pictures and links in it and its been up for over an hour

same here, when i see an “unread” thread that i like, i get excited :slight_smile:
and then i get ticked off when all i see is spam :frowning:

maybe there should be a function that if 3 or more users mark the post as spam, it will be “hidden” until a mod sees it

That sounds like a really good idea, because I almost always report spam posts when I see them. I think the people on the Vex Forum are mature enough so that a feature like this wouldn’t be abused.

how do you report it?

Look at the very top right of the post, it is to the right of the post number (mine is #13). That is the report button, press it to report a post.

There is an exclamation mark symbol at the top right of the post. Click on it.

maybe thats why you made this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah could be haha and thanks i never even noticed that and im always on the forum

Isnt it nice of the spammers to post in this predefined thread? XD

The only new member posts that get moderated are ones with Hyper-Links… Straight Text like this one get posted immediately.

The Current VBullitin issues seem to be :

Allowing for Hyper-Links in Signatures, even for new members.

Only checking for Hyper-Links in new member posts on creation, not on edit.

The SPAM Bots seem to exploit both of these “loop holes”.

Sorry about that… we try to “clear” the SPAM out as soon as we find it or are notified.

I understand that there are relatively “easy ways” around the CAPTCHAs… (I won’t go into details how that information is acquired)

The best system I have seen so far is a selection of 10-15 pictures, and a Question like “Select ALL photographs of Coast scenes”, or “All photographs of Cats”. The Selection of photos being a Mix of Coast and Mountains, or Cats and Dog or Sports Cars and Mini Vans. The best thing with this “system”, is you don’t have to use “stock photos”, you can make your own Categories and Attributes… For this forum, you could have ALL Robotic Parts, with the a Question Like, “Select all Electrical Components”.

Please take away spam!