I don’t see any…

yeah thanks guys ive noticed it got better

The gallery section has been getting loaded with spam lately. It looks like the report button is disabled in the gallery section as well…


Really?? I guess that is another “way to spam”…

It looks “clean”, right now…

Did you post a message to the Forum administrator about this happening???

In addition to the moderators on during the work hours, I have the forum set to email me for reported posts. These are forwarded to my phone, so during the off hours and on weekends please continue to report posts. I try to take care of them as soon as I can. So far, as users, you guys have been doing a good job of letting us know about the posts that slide through.


Just wanted to see if it was me, or if anyone else is having problems reporting spam on the gallery comments?

Every time I try to report some of the comments as spam, it gives me the error message, and says that the function as been temporarily disabled?

I have the same problem, cannot report spam in gallery.



I’ve passed along your comments about the Gallery comments (posts) to the right people. You don’t need to post it again, and thanks for reporting it.

Also if you are still having problems reporting spam, feel free to email me with a link to the spam post and I will delete it.
Here is my email: [email protected]


I recently saw a very pornographic spam post on another topic. A user had already reported it, so I’m sure that it will be taken care of soon. My question is, does the spam filter not watch for pornographic buzz words? In addition to the pictures, The plain text of the post had many such words that would never be used outside of a pornographic context. Can the filters not be set to block such posts? I’m obviously not criticizing the current system, as I’m sure that it blocks more than 95% of the spam before we ever see it, I’m just bringing up a point. After all, there are middle school aged kids here, and it’s probably not fun to have such things that pop up on the screen during class or something.

yeah, when they did that spam post, I immediately reported it. I think just before submitting a thread there is 2 boxes that can be checked. one for “I am not a robot” and another that says “I am a robot”

Looks like the moderators were cleaning house today, our membership dropped by about 15000 unless I’m mistaken.

I haven’t checked recently… How many Members were there before “the purge”???

I am not aware of any word filters on the messages, just Posting content, like Hyper-Links in the Message Bodies. Maybe something like that can be added…

It was growing at an alarming rate, I had hoped it was new students due to the school year starting, the board was up to over 70,000, now it’s back to 55K and change if the home page is to be believed.

WOW!! I have been only keeping One Eye, half closed on this forum for the last year or so… I really need to get me a Cortex Controller, and get back to reading all the messages…

I joined right after the Migration to vBulletin from phpbb. My User Number is 1251, some User Numbers are over 100,000. The New User signup needs to include some Vex Specific questions… That would eliminate just about ALL the SPAM BOT posts…

Yes, just like the First forums ask “What is GP”.

Exactly!!! And everyone here knows that answer… Right???

Do you know “off hand”, which Forum software that US FIRST uses???

vBulletin :smiley: