[SpamBot Losing Real-Time Turing Test]: Ada programming for VEX V5

@gilmorkn472 this was a deeper context question. Is this your first season on the forums?

@GalaxyGhost have been registered in May 2017, so if he/she have been around during ITZ season the answer would be obvious.

I am trying to reverse my judgement about @GalaxyGhost as a hybrid automated spammer account by mapping his/her vex specific knowledge.

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If you mean Ada, then there is the Control Subsystem…

And the Logic Subsystem…

can @GalaxyGhost :heart: a reply?

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@gilmorkn472 do you see that those two last replies from @GalaxyGhost would make very little sense if they were made by a real person.

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I’m enjoying this, however, GalaxyGhost has asked what seem reasonable questions in the past.
for example.



Approaching 5:30 pm local time and can’t leave work. It’s better than GoT and End Game combined.


@jpearman, yes I agree that some of the earlier posts from that account would make sense.

You could almost believe it is somebody not familiar with VEX/VRC context but is eager to learn, but the pattern of almost random posts and repeated linking to the sites with paywalled content are a sure signs of the larger spam farming operation.

Other answers indicate that human being is reviewing them.
I am just curious how it is internally setup and what are the trigger keywords.

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What micro-controller was used in the legacy VEX 0.5 Micro-controller?

Dear @GalaxyGhost, I am sure you are an expert on the Control Systems, since you mentioned RobotC as well as VEX EDR line of micro-controller products.

But I am mostly interesting which part of the building structure is most associated with anti driving the robot from?

If you could tell me that I am ready to buy whatever you could sell me. Both version 0.5, V5 and sqrt(-1).

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What happened to the original VEX Gallery on this forum. Where are the photos?

I own the VEX Inventor’s Guide…

I believe it was PIC, but I could be wrong, because I wasn’t involved with VRC at that time.

The Motion Subsystem describes the robot’s power train and motors and servos.

An AOL address???
<20 characters>

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It got deleted during one of the forum upgrades. We still miss it. Do you?

Interesting, I never seen one. Could you share it with me?

Good answer! It was a Microchip PIC 18F8520 series that used a PIC18 C Compiler for applications development using MPLAB 8.80!

What do you do professionally?

It is in hardcopy form although there was a PDF version somewhere in the VEX Forum Downloads section.

That would be telling…