Speaker after match is over

Is it legal for you to program your speaker to make cheering noises after the match is done?

If you are hooked to the competition switch you have to have the background tasks still active.

This is from the competition includes…

	    displayNextLCDString("User Control");

			// Here we repeat loop waiting for user control to end and (optionally) start
			// of a new competition run
			while (!bIfiAutonomousMode && !bIfiRobotDisabled)
				if (nVexRCReceiveState == vrNoXmiters) // the transmitters are powered off!!

Hmmm. If bStopTasksBetweenModes is false, could your still running background task continue to run a motor???

No it couldn’t run a motor because the higher priority main task is always running and while disabled stops all motors. My flywheel will still send noises to the speaker when disabled in driver mode. This is too allow some autonomous functions (like saving a selection) to not have cleared and for line followers to take measurements.

Ok, thanks!