Speaker Memory

I have seen around the forum that say they are going to play a song during their competition match, but when I tried to upload the song to RobotC (after being formatted by Audacity) it said that the song was too big. Is there a way to compress the file yet still have it in RobotC?

I would attach the file, but I’m still looking into the copyright permissions.


The crtex does not have a lot of memory. Is it in 8000 hz and 8 bit?

The speakers are special and confusing… You can’t fit more than 15 seconds of music file on the cortex in my experience unless you speed the song up in which case the cortex [italicize]slows down[/italicize] the music almost (but not quite) back to normal… I should compile a database of all the weirdness speakers do… (Range from 300hz to oh my gosh high unless you have a sound file in which case the range is really low to really high, multiple speakers with y cables, random popping sounds, special port(except the other ones might work too), etc.)

Yes, it is.

You edit the thing in the bottom right, right?

Bottom left… Yes…there. :slight_smile:
Make sure that number is 8000 (the lowest number).
I don’t think that you will be able to fit 4 minutes of star wars on the cortex…
If it doesn’t work trim it down to the intro 15 seconds or so.

Make it 8 bit by export=>under file type select other file types=>choose 8 bit wav file. That wording might not match up perfectly.