Speaker Module

How do you program the speaker module in RobotC ???

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First, make sure that the speaker is in the “SP” port on the CORTEX in order to play sound.
With programming, there is a variety of ways to program the speaker module.

  1. You can play a tone by

  PlayTone(440, 50);

The first parameter is the amount of Hz of the tone, the second is length to play in 100th of a second (50 = .5 seconds)

  1. You can play a pre-installed sound by


There are other types of sounds that are pre-installed. You just gotta do research on it…

  1. You can play a sound file that you want the robot to play. In order to play a sound, you must play the sound as “[name].[type]” An example of playing a file is:


If you want to get more information of making a sound file the right format to upload to the robot, and how to upload a sound to the robot, it can be found at http://www.robotc.net/wikiarchive/Tutorials/VEX_Speaker_module
NOTE//: You don’t have to add anything to “Motors and Sensors Setup” in order to program it.